Business technology solution for the modern enterprise

Business technology solution has changed dramatically in the past 10 years or so, and the changes aren’t stopping any time soon. In fact, businesses are increasingly using cloud storage solutions like Box and Office 365 to host business-critical data rather than run applications on their own servers, especially as mobile devices are used more and more by employees who have […]

Game of thrones Zombie: Will the King Raise an Army of Zombies?

Game of thrones Zombie, the White Walkers attacked Eastwatch and ransacked it. They also captured Beric Dondarrion, who became their prisoner after fighting them off in the Battle of Winterfell. It seems possible that the Night King wants to raise an army of zombies with Dondarrion’s corpse and use him as the basis for this zombie legion. I believe this […]

Old Lady Glasses: Why They’re Making a Comeback

Old Lady Glasses are making a comeback after years of being shunned as déclassé in the fashion world. However, don’t confuse these with the bulky horn-rimmed glasses that were popular in the 50s and ‘60s with the old ladies of that generation. Modern-day versions of lady glasses are thinner and more elegant than their predecessors and are typically worn by […]

Kinnporsche’s New English Novel!

Kinnporsche’s New English Novel has just finished his latest book in the English Language! He welcomes you to take a look, and even share it with your friends and family! Please let him know if you have any suggestions on how he can improve his writing style in the future. He will be starting work on his next novel very […]

The Beast of Bourbon Sports Bar and Grill: A Place to Unwind

Just outside the city of Chicago, The Beast of Bourbon Sports Bar and Grill makes you feel like you’re home before you even walk through the door and it’s no wonder since the bar itself has been around since 1919. The inside of this small-town favorite screams Sports Bar and Grill, from the mirrored walls to the dark wooden accents […]

Best Sports for Building Muscle

Best Sports are keys to building muscle mass isn’t all about your diet or workout routine, though that certainly helps. What you consume during and after exercise can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your workout and how much muscle you build when combined with the other factors. Here are the best sports for building muscle based on […]

Tom Hardy Style: How to Get the Look

Tom Hardy Style has always been one of his greatest assets. Whether he’s donning brooding dark suits on the set of Mad Max or clad in body-hugging duds on the red carpet, this handsome Englishman always knows how to make an impression, never failing to turn heads wherever he goes. The secret behind his look? It’s all in the details! […]

Men native wear: traditional clothing for special occasions

Men native wear on special occasions like weddings or festivals can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Exciting because you get to have an amazing-looking outfit that makes you feel like the true traditional man, but nerve-wracking because you have to wear an unfamiliar outfit that might make you look awkward or silly in front of other people at the function. […]