Hand oil painting is a unique and beautiful art form:

Hand oil painting is a unique and beautiful form of art that has been practiced for centuries. This method of painting uses a variety of techniques to create stunning works of art that are full of color, texture, and depth. From the traditional brushstroke style of the Old Masters to the abstract expressionism of modern art, hand-oil painting can be […]

Kinnporsche’s New English Novel!

Kinnporsche’s New English Novel has just finished his latest book in the English Language! He welcomes you to take a look, and even share it with your friends and family! Please let him know if you have any suggestions on how he can improve his writing style in the future. He will be starting work on his next novel very […]

In School, You Need to Succeed and Life

School is tough, but if you can master these 8 skills, you’ll be able to persevere and succeed in your education. As someone who has spent more than 20 years in the classroom as an educator, I know how difficult it can be to learn new things and successfully complete assignments from day to day. But if you have the […]

The 10 Bold Most Romantic Urdu Novels Of All Time

Most romantic Urdu novels have always been very popular all over the world, but they are especially enjoyed by Urdu readers in Pakistan, India, and other countries with large populations of people who speak Urdu and enjoy reading romantic novels in this language. For example, the majority of Urdu readers in Pakistan and India speak Urdu, but many Indian Urdu […]

University of the People: Education Should Be Accessible to All

With the current education system at University of the People, many students are unable to gain access to higher education simply because of their socioeconomic status and are thus unable to get a decent job once they graduate from high school. To combat this, an organization called the (UoPeople) has developed an accredited online where tuition is free, with the […]

Why Get a Bachelor of Science in Physics?

If you’re interested in STEM and want to pursue a career that involves physics, what exactly are your degree options? Are there just Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Physics? What about other degrees like Masters and PhDs? And what does it mean to get a Bachelor of Science in Physics, anyway? What are the different types of […]