The Biggest Trends in Computer Games We’ve Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends in Computer Games We’ve Seen This Year

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Computer games have had more and more of an influence on the world of entertainment. As time goes on, 2017 was no exception. New trends emerged in this industry in the past year, influencing not only. How computer games are played but also how they’re designed and produced. This article will explain some of the biggest trends in computer games we’ve seen this year. Using examples from some of the most popular new releases.

Augmented Reality:

Virtual Reality is all well and good, but there’s something magical about playing games that live inside your actual world. Augmented reality blends computer games generated images with your actual surroundings, creating a more immersive experience. Developers are just beginning to explore augmented reality games, but it’s easy to imagine a time when we’ll all be walking around with AR tech built into our glasses and smartphones. Imagine playing Pokémon Go while wandering around a park or using Google Maps in AR mode as you walk down a street. These experiences may seem mundane today, but they mark an important first step toward an entirely new generation of computer games.

Computer games technology has also been applied to other industries too. For example, brands have started applying it to their apps and websites in order to make their products more appealing; cosmetics companies can show users how makeup will look on them, while clothing retailers can let users experiment with clothes before buying them.

Virtual reality computer games:

Virtual reality computer games

Although it’s seen as a passing gimmick by some, virtual reality has been steadily growing. The newest innovation is on display at CES. New headset from LG that makes its content feel like it’s literally all around you. While VR remains an intriguing topic for computer games technophiles and gamers. Like, many people still don’t understand how it works or why they should care. Even worse, there are now two different terms being thrown around to describe headsets that deliver similar experiences: virtual reality and augmented reality (AR). If you’re confused about what either of these technologies is supposed to do, here’s a quick primer so you can make sense of it all.

For example, when most people think of virtual reality, they envision something like a Star Trek-style Holodeck where you enter a three-dimensional space and see holographic images that look real but aren’t actually tangible objects. Augmented reality isn’t quite as fantastical; it adds digital elements to your view of the real world through your smartphone screen or glasses. So if AR means I’ll see dinosaurs roaming my city streets? You’re not far off! Just kidding for now. For more information on how Augmented Reality will affect computer games please read our related articles below: How Will Virtual Reality Change computer games?

computer games Esports:

computer games Esports

The professional computer games phenomenon has exploded over the past few years. Not only are there big money competitions with massive payouts, but also many gamers have made careers out of streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Being able to take something you love and make a living from it is truly a dream. Come true for gamers everywhere. Major companies getting involved with esports tournaments. Like Amazon’s recent announcement that they’ll be hosting an international Grand Tour tournament exclusively for League of Legends players next year, many hope to see even more new opportunities open up within esports’ rapidly growing world in 2018 and beyond.

But where did all of these opportunities arise? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly given how popular games are among younger generations today, one large part of why esports became so popular so quickly was its popularity among millennials. Studies suggest anywhere between 41% and 73% of millennials regularly play computer games in general.

Micro-Transactions Section Blockchain Technology:

It’s no secret that voice commands have entered our lives. Siri on your iPhone, Google Search on computer games on Windows. These digital assistants allow users to speak a command into their phones. Instead of typing it out or clicking buttons to take action. This trend is likely to continue as more and more companies see it. How well it works for Apple, Google, and Microsoft. In fact, Amazon has already released Echo an always-on speaker. You can talk in order to play music, and check sports scores and weather reports. The device has only been available since November 2014. There are already thousands of apps being developed. Alexa the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant.

 In 2015 we will likely see even more innovation with speech recognition software and AI. Augmented Reality Apps. Pokemon Go was one of the biggest apps of 2016 not just because it brought augmented reality gaming mainstream but also because it showed us just how much potential there is when you combine AR with computer games.

Voice commands:

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