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Filippa Mall App, Greetings, friends! In this post, you will learn how to download the Filippa Mall app. a new app that predicts colours, Take surveys, play games, and enter to win fantastic cash rewards. The Golden Key Colour Prediction can be downloaded. On the app, there are several activities you can engage in to earn money for nothing.

A prediction website like Joymall, Mantrigame, Fiewin, and Mantri Mall, the Filippa Mall App makes money by making predictions about the colours red and green. How To Play As Well As Use. You Can Win Real Money In A Variety Of Games And Colour Predictions.

Filippa Mall App

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The Filippa Mall App is essentially a website that allows users to anticipate a specific colour and make money from doing so. A very intriguing way to get money is through the Golden Key Colour Prediction App Login website. By participating in the Mary Jewellery App Refer And Earn programme, it offers the potential to make money.

Download the Filippa Mall app to play six different games on an online gaming platform. Code 2H89X267 is a Golden Key Colour Prediction recommendation. You can get a free sign-up bonus worth up to Rs. 1000 by using this code. Additionally, you can earn up to Rs. 1000 by sharing your coupon with others.

How to Sign Up for the Filippa Mall App

  1. To begin, simply click this link (or the associated button), open your mobile browser, and paste the link into it.
  2. After entering your mobile number, set your password.
  3. To verify your phone number, enter the Filippa referral code and OTP.

Best Filippa Mall App Features

The Filippa Mall App has more than a billion registered users who are actively playing games. The Golden Key Vip App has the following standout characteristics that set it apart from other online gaming platforms.

  • No cost to download
  • Use is free
  • The top revenue source
  • many easy ways to get money
  • email service
  • Services for quick transactions and withdrawals

Refer & Earn on the Filippa Mall App

  • Log in to the Filippa Mall website or app.
  • The mine section is displayed in the bottom right corner. Tap on it.
  • Tap the Promotion Tab now.
  • You’ll be able to see your exclusive referral link.2H89X267
  • When a friend signs up using your referral link to download the Filippa Mall app, you will receive a commission.

As you take part in predictions and make money, remember to advertise your link and invite friends to join.

Welcome to the New Members!

Referral Link 👇👇

Minimum Deposit: 200 Rupees, Minimum Withdrawal: 211 Rupees.The maximum withdrawal amount is 100,000.

Level 3 Income Withdrawal available always Constant customer support

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100% Successful Methods to Make Money from Online Filippa Mall App Colour Trend Type 1

  • If Red or Green, or any other colour, the pattern will repeat.
  • Choose the same colour that appeared in the results. For instance, choose Red once more if the outcome was red. If Green was the result, choose Green once more. You’ll triumph.
  • If the colour pattern ever stops repeating, the trend has changed. See Colour Trend Type 2 below.
  • If a different colour than the one you choose appeared in the outcome. Put three times as much into the next colour choice (see the 3x tip below). Follow this three-time procedure until the desired colour appears in the results. If you ever succeed, you’ll make a tonne of money.

You will receive 100% of the time along with a sizable profit.

Type 2 Colour Trends

If the trend is unstable or neither the Red nor the Green colour repeats.
Repeatedly choose Red or Green as your only colour. Use the 3x investment trick (described below) every time you choose a new colour.

You’ll win a third or fourth time with a sizable profit.

3. 3X Trick (100 percent successful) – Always utilise 3X Trick to make money from the Yas-Mall App. If you ever succeed. Your entire history of unsuccessful results will be covered by enormous profit.

If the outcome does not match the colour you have chosen, use the 3X Trick, which means to invest three times as much.

How to Recharge the Filippa Mall App

  1. Launch the Filippa Mall app, then select Recharge.
  2. Choose how much you wish to add.
  3. Use any of the ways offered to make the payment.
  4. The sum will automatically appear in your Pacific Mall wallet.

Excellent customer service with a quick resolution: “INSTANT WITHDRAWAL SERVICE (FILIPPA MALL)” RECHARGE 10K – 100K NOW! The Filippa Mall wishes you luck in today’s game. Recharge for up to 2.5K with a 5K recharge, and for up to 5K with a 10K recharge.

First Transaction Cashback

  • 500 Recharge 150 Cashback
  • 1000 Recharge 300 Cashback
  • 2000 Recharge 600 Cashback
  • 3000 Recharge 900 Cashback
  • Recharge 5000 for 1500 Cashback
  • Recharge for 10,000 Cashback for 3,000
  • 20000 Recharges = 6000 Cashback
  • 30000 Recharge; 9000 Cashback
  • 50000 Recharge 15000 Cashback
  • Recharge a million, cash back 30,000.

Games Available in Filippa Mall App

How to Use the Filippa Mall App to Withdraw Money

Withdrawals available always, the bank is open anytime

  1. Add your bank details or UPI details first, then choose the amount you want to withdraw.
  2. When you click “Submit,” money will be added to your account. After 24 hours
  3. The least possible withdrawal is Rs. 230.


There is a financial element to this game. This game might become addictive to you. You are all therefore asked to participate in this game at your own risk and responsibility. If you are over 18, you should avoid playing this game and should instead stay away from it.


Filippa Mall App is a game-generating app?

A prediction website like Fiewin and Mantri Mall, the Filippa Mall app lets users get money by making predictions about the colors red and green. How To Play As Well As Use. A prediction website like Fiewin and Mantri Mall, the Filippa Mall app lets users get money by making predictions about the colors red and green. How To Play As Well As Use.

How Does Color Prediction Work?
In the game of “Color Prediction,” your goal is to correctly predict a color in order to win.
Customer Support for Filippa Mall App?
My WhatsApp #
+91 70416 54491
My Telegram link :
Games Available in Filippa Mall?

There are more than five games accessible.

How can we predict Filippa Mall Colour?

You can predict color in Filippa Mall in the phase of the sequence.

Filippa Mall hack?

Filippa Mall hack is not available on any app or website

Is Filippa Mall Download App Free?


Filippa Mall real or fake

Filippa Mall app is 100% real and genuine app to make money by predicting colors and number Filippa Mall real app 100%

What is the Filippa Mall Official Website?

Filippa Mall online

here is a link click and go and play Filippa mall Online

Is Filippa Mall safe?

Filippa Mall is a safe application, in which you can earn money by playing color prediction and games.


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