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Greetings, Dear Gamers You may get the app from our store and install it on your Android OS device after reading this post on their Rs 300 Free Paytm Cash. Sounds Very Simple.

It is a website where you may make money by making predictions about colors. You can read it for more information because we already provided all the details in a separate post: SEE HERE A new color prediction game, a bonus colour prediction website, colour prediction tips, and a bonus.

Additionally, every day you have a chance to win real money worth thousands of rupees. To win money, you can participate in games like Dragon vs. Tiger, Slots, Lucky Wheel, and others. Daily rewards are unlimited in the task centre. Most effective live cockfighting platform.

Download Monopoly Jewelry App 

The brand-new color prediction app Monopoly Jewelry. This programme functions similarly to the color predictions app I just published in that it predicts colors. You may make money using the Monopoly Jewelry app in a number of different ways. Determining more about the Monopoly Jewelry app will enable you to start making money right away.

Monopoly Jewelry Game App Download Now
Monopoly Jewelry App Sign up for Bonus ₹100
Monopoly Jewelry Invite and Earn Rs.100


This website for the Monopoly Jewelry App Login is a highly intriguing place to make money. Through the Refer And Earn programme for the Monopoly Jewelry App, it offers the potential to make money.

Join the Monopoly Jewelry App and receive Rs. 1000 in free money when you use my referral code B4DE5D06 . Put Cash Reward funds into your Paytm wallet.

How to Sign Up for the Monopoly Jewelry App

  • First, download the Monopoly Jewelry app using the link provided below.
  • Here, you have two choices. Register and log in as a guest.
  • The Register option is selected by you.
  • You must bind your phone after logging in in order to receive the credit bonus.
  • Put in your User ID and Password.
  • Create an account after using OTP to confirm the mobile number.
  • Your account will be promptly credited with Rs.100 as soon as the account is established.

How to Login to the Monopoly Jewelry App

  1. Mobile number for Monopoly Jewelry
  2. click to login after providing a password.
  3. The Monopoly Jewelry registration process was successful.

Colour prediction game Using the Monopoly Jewelry app

A popular colour prediction game is included in the Monopoly Jewelry game. Win game is the name of the colour prediction game. Your experience playing colour prediction games will vary thanks to the Win game on the Monoply Jewelry app.

The Monopoly Jewelry App has created a Win page specifically for the colour prediction game. To play the colour prediction game, open the Win page in the Monopoly Jewelry App. The Fast Parity mode is the one in which you can play the colour prediction game.

Colour prediction enthusiasts are very familiar with the Fast Parity game option. As a result, you can utilise your skills to quickly win money in the Monopoly Jewelry app’s colour prediction game.

How many games are there to play in the Monopoly Jewelry app?

There is only one game in Monopoly Jewelry App Login and that is Color Prediction but there are different types of color prediction games.

  • Fast Parity
  • Bcone
  • Embed
  • Sapre

How To Play Monopoly Jewelry App Rules for Colour Prediction Game

  • The top 20 users by daily wager total will be added to the list.
  • Every ten minutes, the list is updated.
  • Time of final confirmation: 0:00.
  • At 7:00 AM, rewards will be delivered to the Envelopes Centre. They are good for 48 hours.

100% Successful Strategies for the Monopoly Jewelry App Colour Trend Type 1

  • If Red or Green, or any other colour, the pattern will repeat.
  • Choose the same colour that appeared in the results. For instance, choose Red once more if the outcome was red. If Green was the result, choose Green once more. You’ll triumph
  • If the colour pattern ever stops repeating, the trend has changed. See Colour Trend Type 2 below.
  • If a different colour than the one you choose appeared in the outcome. Put three times as much into the next colour choice (see the 3x tip below). Follow this three-time procedure until the desired colour appears in the results. If you ever succeed, you’ll make a tonne of money.

100% of the time, along with a sizable profit, is yours.

Type 2 Colour Trends

  • If the trend is unstable or neither the Red nor the Green colour repeats.
  • Repeatedly choose Red or Green as your only colour. Use the 3x investment trick (described below) every time you choose a new colour.

Third or fourth wins with enormous profits are guaranteed.

(100% successful) Always employ the 3X Trick to maximise your earnings from the Mery Jewelry App. If you ever succeed. Your entire history of unsuccessful results will be covered by enormous profit.

If the outcome does not match the colour you have chosen, use the 3X Trick, which means to invest three times as much.

3x Trick’s (Any fail result covered + Huge Profit) benefit.

How does your Monopoly Jewelry wallet get refilled?

The minimum amount you may contribute to your Monopoly Jewelry wallet is 100 rupees, and you can choose from a variety of payment methods.

In addition to using UPI apps like Phonepe and Google Pay, you can add money with a credit or debit card. Therefore, refuel right away and get money by predicting colours and numbers.

  1. After that, it will prompt you to add the money to your Monopoly Jewelry Wallet by entering a sum more than Rs. 500.
  2. You can now begin playing games in the Monopoly Jewelry App and earning money.
  3. You can withdraw this earned money right into your bank account.

How to Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash by Referring People to Monopoly Jewelry

There are two different kinds of income: referral revenue and self-income. You receive a 45% commission, with a 20% commission starting at level 2. Guys, I just made a commission here of almost Rs. 10,000,000.

  • Launch the Jewellery Monopoly App.
  • Sign up for the app.
  • View Menu Click on Earn by Referring.
  • You can earn free Paytm cash by sharing your referral code.
  • Enjoy This Loot Offer, that’s all.

How can money Withdraw from Monopoly Jewelry app?

Money can be withdrawn Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM. Direct credit of the funds will be made to your Indian bank account.

Simply go to MY>My bank>Add bank card and submit >My wallet & click on withdrawal done, and the money will be credited to your account within one or two days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 31 rupees, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 50,000 rupees. Withdrawal fees are 30 rupees for withdrawals of less than 1500 rupees, and 2% for withdrawals of more than 1500. Join the colour trading app and start making money right away. Withdrawing is likewise hassle-free.

Minimum Reward

The least you can withdraw is Rs. 100.

Playing the game of Monopoly Jewelry, Download the Monopoly Jewelry game and/or the app. Hacking the Monopoly Jewelry app Link to the Whatsapp group for Monopoly Jewelry colour forecast Whether the Monopoly Jewelry app is secure, Download the Monopoly Jewelry colour prediction app. Contact information for Monopoly Jewelry app online Monopoly Jewelry game,


What is the Monopoly Jewelry App?

The Monopoly Jewelry App is an online gaming site that offers six simple to use games: Colour and Number Prediction, Aviator, Lucky Hit, Luxury Car, Andar Bahar, and Soccer Go. The B4DE5D06 Monopoly Jewelry Recommendation Code is a special number that is given to each participant.

Which colour prediction game is the best?

Best Colour Prediction Games 2023 List:

Daman Games. 51.

VClub. ₹121.

TcMall Apk. 121.

Mantrimalls. 138.

FieWin Apk. 10.

How does we prict about colour prediction work?

Count four numbers: the final three numbers of the time period and the final price number or In the example, the total number is 11, which is an odd number, and you choose the colour green.
(2+4+5+6 = 12) You must choose the colour red when the even number appears this time.

Is betting on colours possible?

They do not fall under the definition of gambling and are not subject to gambling laws. Online prediction games have grown in popularity recently.

How can I contact Monopoly Jewelry App customer support?

Ans: You can email us at if you have any questions about deposits or withdrawals.

What is the referral code for Monopoly Jewelry?


The official Monopoly Jewelry App Link?

The official website for the Monopoly Jewelry App is

Also, Check Some Color Prediction Games like:


There is a financial element to this game. This game might become addictive to you. You are all therefore asked to participate in this game at your own risk and responsibility. If you are over 18, you should avoid playing this game and should instead stay away from it.

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