The 10 Bold Most Romantic Urdu Novels Of All Time

The 10 Bold Most Romantic Urdu Novels Of All Time

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Romantic Urdu Novels

Most romantic Urdu novels have always been very popular all over the world, but they are especially enjoyed by Urdu readers in Pakistan, India, and other countries with large populations of people who speak Urdu and enjoy reading romantic novels in this language. For example, the majority of Urdu readers in Pakistan and India speak Urdu, but many Indian Urdu readers also read and enjoy Pakistani Urdu novels as well as English novels that are written in Pakistan or India. This makes it especially important to know which are the most romantic Urdu novels of all time so you can get started on reading them today!

Tumhare Siwa is the most romantic Urdu novel

Many consider Tumhare Siwa by Asrar-ul-Haq to be one of, if not THE most romantic novel in the Urdu language. The plot revolves around a girl named Aasmaan who falls in love with her best friend Zain. Her family members are well aware of her feelings for Zain but Zain himself has no clue about her feelings. The story takes several twists and turns as Zain’s father tries to find him a suitable match and Aasmaan tries to keep her love hidden from everyone else.

Khwab Aur Behte Rah

Romantic Urdu novels of all time are a great classics for love and were written by an award-winning writer. It took a lot of courage to write such bold books in those days as Pakistan was a conservative country. This book talks about what love really means, its secrets, and how it manifests in our lives. You can easily relate to your own life while reading it. Every line is written with so much passion and romance that you’ll fall in love with the story instantly!

Hero Hai To Hero Mar Jaye

The first Pakistani Urdu novel was written by Syed Sajjad Husaini Dehlavi, and it’s no surprise that his work is on our list. In 1958 he wrote hero hai to hero mar Jaye, which means when a hero comes along, he dies. It tells of Amir Hussein and his lover Ayesha who fall in love with each other but their romance is doomed when she dies before they can marry. This is one of Pakistan’s most famous Romantic Urdu novels and has been made into several films.

Romantic Urdu Novels

Katla Sona Aya Hai

The novel ‘Katla Sona Aya Hai’ by Mumtaz Mufti is about a man named Ishaq. After his wife passes away, he remarries again in order to take care of his children but after meeting a woman named Sakina, he falls in love with her. At first, he plans to marry her secretly and then make things work between them, but before that could happen, tragedy strikes and fate separates them.

Chanda Ki Dua

This novel is written by Muneeru Zafar, popularly known as Lakhnavi in Pakistan. It was published in 1982. This book is about Mr. Ameen Hussain and his daughters that are more interested in devising romantic stories of their own than going to school or helping with household chores. One day, Chanda, one of Ameen’s daughters loses her way on a trip to Nainital with her sister Pervin. She meets a young man named Adnan who falls in love with her at first sight. He asks for permission from his uncle to marry her but he refuses and takes him away from there.

Kitni Kari Haseen Hai Yeh Rozein most romantic Urdu novel

It was based on Arzu’s real-life love story with a young boy named Tahir. During their early years in college, Arzu met Tahir and fell madly in love with him. The tragic end of their love story inspired her to write her first novel ‘Kitni Kari Haseen Hai Yeh Rozain’. In fact, when she received flowers on her book launch from Tahir it was obvious that they still had feelings for each other even after breaking up! Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai: This is one of those rare books which is both romantic as well as funny at times.

Sinful Souls

The love story is about a womanizer named, Javed, and his numerous affairs. He meets Mah-Jabin, a girl from a poor family, and falls in love with her. He plans to marry her but finds out that she had already married another man (Qayamat) who was mentally ill. Javed marries Mah-Jabeen on Qayamat’s deathbed while he himself was dying and promised to take care of her children as his own.

Kafan Yeh Jahez Rakhna

This book is about a young married couple. The wife starts developing doubts about her relationship. She realizes that her husband is always distracted with work and never spends time with her. She decides to confront him and find out what’s going on… only to discover that he’s having an affair. This book is intense, especially if you are in any kind of relationship!


A heart-warming love story of a couple who are very much in love and each other’s soul mates but circumstances keep getting in their way. Dil is an Urdu novel written by Badar Munir. The book was published in 1989 and became very popular. It’s said that most of its readership fell in love with it at some point during their reading experience.


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