Safest Kid Games to Keep Them entertained for Hours

Safest Kid Games to Keep Them entertained for Hours

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Safe kid games looking to entertain your children, the last thing you want to do is give them something that puts their physical or mental health at risk. However, you also don’t want to limit their ability to learn and grow just because they are children either! As long as you’re willing to provide an attentive eye, there are plenty of safe kid games out there that will allow your children to get the most of out their time playing while also allowing them to stay healthy and safe in the process.

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Safest Kid Games Dodgeball:

Dodgeball is one of the most popular safe kid games. Because it doesn’t require a lot of space and can play almost anywhere. There are different variations, but the basic idea is that two teams stand across from each other, take turns throwing a ball at each other and try to hit members of the other team out. If you’re playing with younger kids. You can make it more challenging by adding rules like only allowing balls to be thrown in one direction or requiring players to bounce the ball off their heads before throwing it. And if you don’t have any dodgeballs lying around, tennis balls work just as well!



Here are some other safe kid games your kids will love: A variation of Kickball with only one person used. With a little guidance, the player should be able to throw the ball so it rolls and bounces on the ground and hits his or her opponent. If the kicker gets out before the player catches it, then he or she becomes the kicker. The game ends when there’s only one person left who hasn’t been kicked out.

Hopscotch is also a good way to have some free time as well as teach a child counting skills. All you need is chalk on an open surface like cement or pavement and hop across each square.


Safest Kid Games Red Light, Green Light:

This game is great because it’s simple enough that even younger children can play without any problem. One player (it player) stands at the end of the room and says green light! while making a circular motion with their hands. The other players then dash across the room as fast as they can, until they hear red light! and have to stop in their tracks.

Simon Says:

A lot of kids like to play a game called Simon Says. To play, all the players have to do is follow the instructions that Simon says. The players can’t say or do anything until they hear what Simon says and then they have to repeat what Simon said. If there’s a new instruction, then the player has to wait until they hear what Simon says and then repeat it before doing any other action.


Mother, May I?

  1. Splish, Splash. The great thing about this game is that you don’t need any supplies! All you do is put the kids in a pool and tell them to splash around. They might even enjoy getting messy a bit!
  2. Hide and Seek. When it comes to classic games, there are few better than hide and seek. It can play both indoors or outside, so it’s perfect for any time of year- but especially during the summer when everyone wants to go swimming or play outdoors all day long!

Musical Chairs:

Another fun idea is Hide-N-Seek! This game requires children to hide from each other while adults count how many kids are still hiding. It’s usually played outside or in large rooms with lots of furniture, like a living room or bedroom. The adults will count aloud as children try not to be found.


Safest Kid Games Hot Potato:

The game of hot potato is a classic game. That can play anywhere. The objective is to pass the potato around the circle without being tagged. The player who has the potato when the time runs out is out. If you think your kids are getting bor. This game will surely keep them entertained for hours!

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey:

This is a game that will let your kids spend hours of fun with their friends and family. This game can play indoors or outdoors. But it is advisable that the person who will be the donkey should stand in front of a wall so that the tail can pin on him/her.

Crocodile Dentist:

  1. There are two ways to play: water (the default) or using pre-filled mouthpieces of cotton wool soaked in food coloring mixed with water.
  2. Before the game, put on a pair of gloves and fill up the tub with water or use the prefilled mouthpieces from earlier. Place a toothbrush into each player’s hand and have them brush their teeth for about 30 seconds
  3. Blindfold one player, spin them around three times, then ask them where they think they are
  4. Fill their mouths with as much crocodile as possible without letting it overflow before time runs out


Safe kid games are a great way of keeping kids busy and entertained. You can find some really fun and safe kid games at most toy stores and online. When choosing these games, make sure they are appropriate for your child’s age group. There are many great options out there; it may be hard to choose which ones you want! One of the safest kid games is LEGO® DUPLO® Playtime AdventuresTM Fire Station. This game is appropriate for children ages 2-5 years old. They can have hours of fun building this fire station, rescuing the cats in the tree, putting out fires, and even working in a kitchen! These toys also help with building skills such as hand-eye coordination, motor skills, spatial reasoning, and more!

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