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How Social Media Stories Can Boost Your Business

How Social Media Stories Can Boost Your Business

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Social Media Stories

Social media stories play a vital role in the marketing of a business and increasing the growth ratio. But how have social media stories become so popular among businesses, and what are the techniques for using social media stories for business? We will discover all in this content.

Back in 2017, Facebook, Skype, and YouTube all introduced the “story” formula of social media. In a short span of time, these small pieces of content have become a sensation with social media users. Even though the name “stories” may seem deceptive, as these stories have less written content and their primary part is about visual elements, like photos, videos, and stickers, than text-based stories.

Social media stories are now one of the most popular features of social media marketing, so other sites are also adding their own story-based features. There is one distinct aspect of these stories they fall into an ephemeral content format. Such contents have a lifetime of 24 hours. After twenty-four hours of posting, the story automatically gets deleted. This makes them more definite than regular status updates.

Importance Of Social Media Stories For Business

You can use social media stories as a marketing tool to expand your customer base and market segment. They can add more value than you might first consider for your business marketing strategy. It is not only quick and noticeable, but it provides a better-optimized stream of marketing content. As today every business not only needs to optimize the technical side of their SEO but also look to get more traffic on their site.

If you intend to use social media stories for business marketing, you can use that for small daily updates. If you have any announcement to make or update regarding your business, you can use this storytelling mode. You can also use it for updates that you want to delete later. Like Friday sale or Wednesday special promotion, as these posts will disappear by themselves in 24 hours.

Let’s review some of the essential benefits of social media stories to market your business.

1.   Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media Stories

The rising trend of social media stories can become a dominant mode to increase brand awareness for your business. Particularly in a competitive market, having increased brand awareness can give you a remarkable edge over competitors.

You can set up these stories to perform as a mode of content apart from the regular feed. Thus users can engage with others and post more regularly to bring more awareness to their connections.

“The primary idea behind the social media stories suits the trendy lifestyle and user’s habit of sharing the news feed with others.” a piece of advice by Peter Mayhew, head of the research department at Crowd Writer, where students buy dissertation online UK for business papers. With this approach, brand awareness is enhanced; so that number of social media users get to know about your brand and services.

2.   Quick Visual Review

As social media stories are ephemeral content, therefore they are short-lived. The visuals, including pictures and videos in every story, are time-bound. When a user views the Instagram story, the pictures will only show for a couple of seconds. And the time limit for videos is only 15 to 20 seconds. The purpose of time limitation is that viewers do not get overwhelmed by immense content. Moreover, they can enjoy the stories in a light and relaxed mode.

As there is no limit to photos or videos, you can post more visuals regarding your business. It will be cycled through quickly. For instance, consider that you have launched a new product. You can share pictures and videos of the launch promotion with your audience in the format of a story. This allows them to view your story sequence without scrolling through the feed. Furthermore, there is no need of filtering by a mixed assortment of posts.

3.   Cost Effectiveness

Like any business, you also look for modes of marketing with the highest benefits and lowest expenditure. Social media stories can be a clever strategy for a tight budget. Let’s take the example of Instagram advertising, which is highly effective but also costs money. Contrary to that, Instagram stories do not require that much to be produced and give significant exposure to your business.

Social media stories can be used as a source of real and rough content; hence, there is no requirement for high-end editing and quality. You can share all your raw photos, and unedited videos like stories as the purpose are to share behind the scene experiences for users. This approach of openness can inspire and create a strong bond with the followers.

4.   Enhanced Post Quantity

Social Media Stories

Social media stories can be helpful for your business to put more content for your target audience by using pictures and videos. It will provide your seamless connection with your followers, which intensifies the opportunities for reaching a broad customer base. As the stories do not remain for very long, this provides you space to continually share more photos and videos for your followers without overburdening your profile or news feed.

These stories are considered as a different channel from your profile or feed. They refrain from all irrelevant content on your profile, thus keeping the users undistracted. The best part is your story appears on your follower’s newsfeeds, which makes it more visible to attract increased traffic to your profile.

Tips To Leverage Social Media Stories For Business

To get a better outcome for your social media stories campaign, here are some useful tips on whether you intend to create them for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

A.  Use Multiple Platforms

Social Media Stories

Stories tend to be quite similar to social media on every network. It provides you with the luxury of sharing your story across multiple platforms. Such as, if you have created a story for Snapchat, you can cross-post it on Instagram and vice versa. Facebook also allows built-in story sharing from Instagram; thus, cross-posting becomes easy and quick.

B.  Emphasize On Instagram

Instagram stories were launched in 2016, and by June 2018, there were 400 million daily active Instagram story users. Instagram has a total of 1 billion users, of which 87 percent of users actively create Instagram stories. That is a remarkable statistic that shows the enhanced growth of this platform.

Brands looking to enhance their sales are approaching Instagram as a better sales model. The way Instagram stories are created and integrated with e-commerce into social platforms makes it a superior choice for brands. They also have an advanced set of tools to create stories; many of them are built-in tools. As Instagram stories are leading the game, thus you must emphasize this platform and then approach others.

C.  Story Highlights For Extensibility

Stories are ephemeral and will last only for 24 hours. You can still create story highlights to feature various stories for longer. Story highlights remain on your profile as long as you want, which provides you with a lot of extensibility.

Social Media Stories

You can use this feature imperatively by not clogging your profile with multiple highlighted stories. Keep only the most effective ones; hence make them count for sharing the best content.

D.  Stories To Connect With Followers

The purpose of social media stories is not to pass on information but to interact and connect with your followers. There are various ways to this approach, such as by sharing more exciting and engaging content. Stories must be helpful and entertaining. They must be providing solutions, answering queries, and letting followers see behind the scenes. All in all, they should make them feel bonded with your business.

While Summing It Up On Social Media Stories For Business

Social media stories can become a useful tool to get closer to your followers. You can listen to what they say and what they feel. If you get successful in awakening their sentiment and making them feel cared for and heard. They will become lifelong loyal customers of your business.

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