Tom Hardy Style: How to Get the Look

Tom Hardy Style: How to Get the Look

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Tom Hardy Style has always been one of his greatest assets. Whether he’s donning brooding dark suits on the set of Mad Max or clad in body-hugging duds on the red carpet, this handsome Englishman always knows how to make an impression, never failing to turn heads wherever he goes. The secret behind his look? It’s all in the details!


The Essentials:

  1. The right t-shirt – go for a long sleeve, crew neck tee in black or white color.
  2. A leather jacket gets one that fits you well and is broken in.
  3. The perfect pair of jeans Tom Hardy prefers Levi’s but it really depends on what you prefer. Just make sure they fit well and are not too tight (see point 4).
  4. A watch – this can be anything from a cheap plastic watch to an expensive Rolex, just make sure it matches your style and goes with everything else you’re wearing.
  5. Sneakers – any kind of sneakers will do but make sure they match what you’re wearing (see point 2).
  6. Sunglasses – Tom always wears Ray Ban Wayfarers, so find a similar brand if those don’t suit you. 7. Tattoos – Tom has some tattoos and he likes them so he might have some more in the future.


Why we use Tom hardy style:

One of Tom Hardy Style trademarks is his style. He isn’t afraid to wear a suit without a tie, or put on a jacket over his leather jacket. And it’s not just about wearing clothes with confidence, but also knowing how to combine them and make them your own. Here are some tips for how you can get that Hardy style in your life

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Tom Hardy Style

The Finishing Touches:

The finishing touches are what make all the difference in a look. Here we’ve put together a few of our favorite finishing touches from Tom Hardy Style.

1) Wear a statement belt

2) Wearing sunglasses indoors

3) Long scarves with t-shirts and jeans

4) A hat or cap, especially when paired with an aviator jacket

5) Textured fabrics like tweed or rough cotton 8) Black boots.

The final step you need to take before you head out the door is hair care. If you want it slicked back into that signature bun, then I recommend using some sleek product and pulling it back into a low ponytail before securing it with an elastic.

If you want something more natural, apply a little bit of product in your hands, rub them together and run them through your hair. Do not be afraid to go big.


tom hardy clothes:

  1. Wear a white t-shirt and dark jeans.
  2. Don’t be afraid to wear an outfit more than once in a while (and don’t be afraid of wearing it for longer than one day).
  3. Button-down shirts, worn with jeans or trousers, are a good way of wearing something smarter for work or going out for dinner with friends – just choose your top wisely and wear it with confidence.
  4. Faded denim is back in fashion, so if you’re not sure what color wash you want, go for this . . . but make sure they’re well-fitting! Too tight will show every lump and bump, and too baggy will make you look bigger than you are.



It’s time for your next outfit and you’re looking for something sharp. Tom Hardy Style is edgy and rugged, perfect for those who want to be different from the rest of the crowd. Here are some tips on how to achieve this look with a few simple items that you may already have in your wardrobe.

1-Start with your shirt. You can’t go wrong with a black button-up or polo, but if you want it to be more Tom Hardy, consider going monochromatic with reds or grays instead of whites or colors like blue and green. A good rule of thumb is three colors at most don’t overload! #2-For your shoes, make sure they’re comfortable.


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